Response to Intervention (RTI)

What is Response to Intervention?

Response to Intervention is based on scientific method. Teachers provide research-proven teaching and programs. Three times a year, teachers test (or screen) all the students for basic grade level skills.

If a student is behind in basic skills, the teacher will try changing their teaching to help the child. The teacher may try special teaching or an intervention. Then comes the question: How does the child respond to the intervention? Put another way, is the intervention working?

RTI (Response to Intervention) demands close monitoring of progress with frequent checks. If progress is not seen, teaching needs to be changed by providing more time or something different. RTI typically has different levels of intensity: Tier I, Tier II and Tier III.

Download MSAD 75 Elementary Learning Support Process

Your child may receive instruction from teachers in a variety of positions: Classroom Teacher, RTI Learning Strategist, Title IA Teacher, etc. However, a child’s first and most important teachers are the family! Family and school make a powerful team to help each child grow and be successful.

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