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Medical Examinations  {#1 from JHC}

A. The major responsibility for the health needs of the student rests with his/her family and the personal physician.  However, the school must assume a supportive role in the evaluation of the health status of the pupils and make known the health findings to the parents.  The health of the child affects ability to learn and to adjust to the school environment.  They do not replace the medical examination made by the personal physician.

B. Recommendations o the Maine Medical Association’s School Health Committee, accepted by the Maine Medical Association House of Delegates on June 12, 1978:
1. Physicals should be required on entry to school (Grades K, 7 and 10) and should be done by the personal physician in his office, using physical forms obtained from the school.

2. Before participating in a practice or interscholastic game, all students must present a statement of fitness to participate from a physician completed during the last twelve (12) months.  In addition, a parental form will be required before each sports season.  This form will indicate that, to the best of the parent’s knowledge, the student’s health has not changed significantly (i.e., serious injury or illness) since the last physician’s statement.

3. All sports candidates, cheerleaders and majorettes will have a yearly interim questionnaire completed as outlined on Page 5 of the “A.M.A. Sports Evaluation.”  If a review necessitates a physical examination, the candidate would be referred for one before undergoing a sports activity.

4.  All new students in a school district should have a physical examination if no health examination record comes with the student.

5.  Health service as outlined in the Maine State manual “School Nursing Services,” 6/79 Edition, are adequate and should be followed.

2. Vision and hearing screening are to be done in accordance with the Education Law SS1135.  {#2 from JHC}
A. The screening shall be done by trained teachers, aides, or volunteers, under the direction of the school nurse.

B. The school nurse shall be responsible for training the teachers, aides, or volunteers who do the training.

C. The school nurse shall be responsible for retesting of children who fail the screening.

D. The school nurse shall be responsible for completing Form HPHN-36 – notice to parents of child’s failure to pass screening test.

E. The school nurse shall send Forms HPHN-52-879 and/or HPHN 53-879 to the parents, preferably by mail.

F. The school nurse shall be responsible for submitting Form HPHN-50-879 to the Department of Human Services by June 15.

G. The school nurse shall be responsible for assisting parents in obtaining medical follow-up as necessary.
ADOPTION:             September 25, 1980
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